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PUREZONE Antimicrobial Film

PUREZONE Antimicrobial Film

SafeHandles Antimicrobial Film

SAFEHandles Antimicrobial Film

Essential anti-bacterial laminate film

Essential anti-bacterial laminate film

Frequently Asked Questions

Are antimicrobial films safe?

Yes, they are. Studies have shown antimicrobial films to have a very low toxicity. Silver, the antimicrobial agent that is used in films, have been used for centuries in medical applications and to protect various food products from spoilage.

The earliest record of silver use was in 79AD where it was used for long-term water storage. Today, silver is used to control bacteria growth in extremely susceptible medical environments such as burn wards and on “in body” medical devices.

How long will the antimicrobial protection last on my laminated surface?

Current testing suggests that the active antimicrobial in our adhesive film range will not wear off with cleaning or use. Life 6 months to 5 years (please refer to specific product data sheet).

Will It protect me from illness?

No it will not. The coatings are for the sole purposes of protecting the laminated article from the spread of unwanted bacteria, fungi, mould and mildew. It reduces the likelihood that the bacteria will grow on the laminated surface.

Will Antimicrobial film contribute to the developing of resistant bacteria?

No. The antimicrobial agent is completely inorganic and has not been linked to the adaptive resistance seen with organic materials like antibiotics.

What organisms will antimicrobial film kill?

Our antimicrobial film has been shown to be effective against a broad spectrum of many common bacteria typically found in food service, hospitals and clinics, dental offices, schools and day care facilities.

Is Antimicrobial film more expensive than standard laminating films?

Yes, the added benefits of Antimicrobial films are at a higher price. If maintaining a hygienic environment is important, the added costs of antimicrobial lamination film far outweigh the additional expense.

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